The Non-Believer


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You donned your ceremonial robes today You had a job on down the way Some forgiveness here Some deliverance there Joy peace and holiness filled the air And I just came round to put my deposit down On a place in the afterlife today And to prepare to die’s not worth it all Or we […]

Take me to your leader (the one with the opinion)

take me to your leader

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  “‘It’s good to talk’ is the most specious and misleading injunction since ‘All you need is love’. It has prompted millions of opinionated and empty-headed people to take to the internet and regale the world with their fatuities. It is not good to talk. Most of the time it’s better to keep quiet … […]

Update on The Certainty of Failure – Two appreciative reviews:

The certainty of failure (you are me)

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Really pleased to say that The Certainty of Failure has had some great feedback recently….. Review 1: It was described as “a poignant and incredibly resonant message weaved into a mesmeric bed of acoustic organic textures” by Amelia Vendergast – AnR Factory The AnR Factory posted their review by Amelia Vandergast on 16th August 2019. […]

The Certainty of Failure (You are me)

The certainty of failure (you are me)

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Hope and despair. The enemies of certainty and the friends of confusion. They are useless. It’s the theme of this song and I deal with it incredibly briefly, without detail, conclusion or any real assistance to the listener. You’re welcome. Xx lyrics i love the certainty of failure there’s a taught stretched confusion in this […]

Just announced – Gig at Gullivers – October 11th


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I’ll be playing Gulliver’s in Manchester’s Norther Quarter on Friday October 11th. I’m sharing the bill with/supporting Adam Snape, David O’Keefe and Joshua Ben Joesph. I don’t know Adam’s stuff too well but I’ve just had a listened to his song Dark Times on bandcamp and it sounds really good – acoustic guitar with a […]

Review of ‘never forget now’

Never Forget Now

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If you have a moment please check out Amelia Vandergast’s review of Never Forget Now. If you have another moment and £1 you can buy it on bandcamp. Favourite phrase? Well I’ll go for this I think. “For an artist to so seamlessly fuse together Gothic Rock and Experimental Folk and still create an immersive, […]

Giving it away

Sham's guitar

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                    Some actual sunshine got me out in the garden this morning with me axe. 30 minutes later I was singing this. It’s the shortest thing I’ve ever written. Maybe it’ll end up as the intro to something else? I’d love to hear what you think […]

Goodnight Sweetheart – Live

Phil Pops and Sham Chewali

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Of all the songs I’ve written this is the one that evokes the saddest memories for me. There has been more than one occasion where I have been unable to finish a performance of it because It takes me to places which one wouldn’t normally visit through choice. Suffice to say that if mental health […]

Two gigs in one night quite easy really says Sham Chewali

Phil Collins Ford Fusion

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We all marvelled at Phil Collins fortitude when he managed to play two sets in one day on different continents armed only with his talent and a big plane. Well now Phil Pops and Sham Chewali bid to take their place alongside the great drummer/cheeky cockney actor when they attempt a similar feat. For London […]

The Acoustic Cafe Get Together – 24th June 2019

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Me and Phil will be playing this. See below for details of other artists. What a place the Acoustic Cafe is. It means many things to many people but no matter what your reason for being there you’re always assured of a top brew and some top tunes by incredibly talented people. This friendly and […]

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