The Certainty of Failure (You are me)

The certainty of failure (you are me)

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Hope and despair. The enemies of certainty and the friends of confusion. They are useless. It’s the theme of this song and I deal with it incredibly briefly, without detail, conclusion or any real assistance to the listener. You’re welcome. Xx lyrics i love the certainty of failure there’s a taught stretched confusion in this […]

Just announced – Gig at Gullivers – October 11th


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I’ll be playing Gulliver’s in Manchester’s Norther Quarter on Friday October 11th. I’m sharing the bill with/supporting Adam Snape, David O’Keefe and Joshua Ben Joesph. I don’t know Adam’s stuff too well but I’ve just had a listened to his song Dark Times on bandcamp and it sounds really good – acoustic guitar with a […]

Review of ‘never forget now’

Never Forget Now

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If you have a moment please check out Amelia Vandergast’s review of Never Forget Now. If you have another moment and £1 you can buy it on bandcamp. Favourite phrase? Well I’ll go for this I think. “For an artist to so seamlessly fuse together Gothic Rock and Experimental Folk and still create an immersive, […]

Giving it away

Sham's guitar

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                    Some actual sunshine got me out in the garden this morning with me axe. 30 minutes later I was singing this. It’s the shortest thing I’ve ever written. Maybe it’ll end up as the intro to something else? I’d love to hear what you think […]

Goodnight Sweetheart – Live

Phil Pops and Sham Chewali

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Of all the songs I’ve written this is the one that evokes the saddest memories for me. There has been more than one occasion where I have been unable to finish a performance of it because It takes me to places which one wouldn’t normally visit through choice. Suffice to say that if mental health […]

Two gigs in one night quite easy really says Sham Chewali

Phil Collins Ford Fusion

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We all marvelled at Phil Collins fortitude when he managed to play two sets in one day on different continents armed only with his talent and a big plane. Well now Phil Pops and Sham Chewali bid to take their place alongside the great drummer/cheeky cockney actor when they attempt a similar feat. For London […]

The Acoustic Cafe Get Together – 24th June 2019

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Me and Phil will be playing this. See below for details of other artists. What a place the Acoustic Cafe is. It means many things to many people but no matter what your reason for being there you’re always assured of a top brew and some top tunes by incredibly talented people. This friendly and […]

If you see Paul tell him I said Hi.

Paul Simon

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“Hearts and Bones?, never heard of it.” Paul (our drummer) looked at me as if I was winding him up then composed himself. “It’s fine, we’ve got 3 weeks to learn it and my Dad will love you forever”. This was for Paul’s Dad’s 60th birthday (I think). There was going to be a do […]

Fishonastick Go Against Convention

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“No way!” I exclaimed on the phone. “,Yes way” Dave Agnew (the artistic director of the Met) replied. “Let me think mate. Do we want to support Fairport Convention?”.  Does the Pope blah blah blah blah blah? And so ended the conversation that lead to what has become easily the most treasured night of my […]

Heaven is a Transit Van’s Exhaust Fumes

Manchester music scene

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If I remember right it was the Autumn of 1988 or 89. I was living in student accommodation in Manchester. I was at college learning how to be a hotel manager (no really). I had recently met my long time musical collaborator and best friend Adam and I was well on the way to being […]