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A recent review stated that Sham is a “songwriter who delivers powerful and poetic music and lyrics in an empathic and uplifting way”.

Peter Devine from Rock News and Views said;

“Well what can I say? I love it. I found it very strong, very powerful. The imagery that it brought to me was quite disturbing (in a good way). Each time I found something new to be impressed by; whether it was the strength of the vocals, the beautiful yet subtle piano or the way that it just takes you on a journey. Magic!!”

It is the lyrics that are holding people’s attention. Sham has a relaxed delivery akin to Richard Hawley or Guy Garvey.

Amelia Vandergast of AnR Factory wrote “The lyricism in NEVER FORGET NOW for example deliver the realities of human suffering incredibly brutally. Yet with Sham Chewali’s vocals, it’s impossible to refuse the catharsis from listening to the velvet mellifluous vocal notes”.

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