Giving it away


Sham's guitar
The guitar wot I wrote the tune with










Some actual sunshine got me out in the garden this morning with me axe.

30 minutes later I was singing this.

It’s the shortest thing I’ve ever written. Maybe it’ll end up as the intro to something else?

I’d love to hear what you think

Just around the corner.

There’ll be better days

We’ll be sipping on shampoo

And slurping on oysters

You mark my words

And the sun will rise on our smiling faces

Every single day

And the songs that we sing will be full of joy

And the tunes that we choose will be stolen from the birds.


Don’t weep for what you’ve done

But don’t inure yourself to sorrow

Your duties to tomorrow and

We can still respect your past.

But what you are is all you hold

And all you are is holding on

To the simple joy of being alive

And living every day

To the sharing out of all you feel

And finally the giving it away

2 thoughts on “Giving it away

    1. Sham Chewali says:

      Thanks for that John. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll post some more soon hopefully.


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