Goodnight Sweetheart – Live

Phil Pops and Sham Chewali
Phil Pops and Sham Chewali play Goodnight Sweetheart live at Semitone Studios

Of all the songs I’ve written this is the one that evokes the saddest memories for me. There has been more than one occasion where I have been unable to finish a performance of it because It takes me to places which one wouldn’t normally visit through choice. Suffice to say that if mental health provision in this country were better and if people were just a bit nicer to each other generally this song would probably never have existed. I really wish it didn’t.




I don’t reference anyone in the song and I won’t reference anyone now. It’s not really my story to tell. Anyway, such as it is, this is Goodnight Sweetheart performed by myself and Phil Popplewell a few weeks ago at the fantastic arts venue in Marple that is Semitone Studios. It’s also one of the songs that features on the new album which you can pick up here too.

Sham x

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