Just announced – Gig at Gullivers – October 11th


I’ll be playing Gulliver’s in Manchester’s Norther Quarter on Friday October 11th. I’m sharing the bill with/supporting Adam Snape, David O’Keefe and Joshua Ben Joesph.

I don’t know Adam’s stuff too well but I’ve just had a listened to his song Dark Times on bandcamp and it sounds really good – acoustic guitar with a  (unsurprisingly) dark melody and a really effective descending lead riff which sounds like it might be done on mandolin. Can’t wait to see him live.

David O’Keefe is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen. He combines superb lead and rhythm guitar with well thought out lyrics from the heart. My favourite (and there are many candidates) is a song called ‘they’. Listen to it here at the Acoustic Cafe.

Joshua Ben Joseph is the unsung hero of current Manchester lyricists in my opinion (having said that maybe I have just not been paying enough attention and he is well sung). He has released several albums. I first heard one of his tracks on a show on Fab FM called Acoustic Eclectic hosted by Manchester music guru Wiz Mossley. The song title I’m ashamed to say (although I have searched everywhere for it) I can’t remember but in the alternative just listen to this thing of beauty.

Don’t know how much it will be to get in yet or what time it starts. It’ll be out soon and I’ll put it up here or somewhere.

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