The certainty of failure (you are me)
The certainty of failure (you are me)








You can buy Sham Chewali’s music (and that of his band fishonastick) directly from here.

Because you are buying direct from the the artist there are no record company costs or distribution deals bumping up the price to you.

These songs may be available from many of the usual streaming and download sites. However ONLY ON THIS SITE will you be able to

  1. Download and own them for less (usually about 1/3 less) than anywhere else. Bandcamp songs are sold for £1.50 but are only £1 on this site.
  2. Gain access to the artwork and literature that comes with EVERY single and album
  3. Connect directly with the artist.. Sham and fishonastick would be delighted to hear from you directly and answer all emails received personally.

Thanks again for supporting real music and real musicians directly.

Enjoy x


Never forget now – Released 7 April 2019 – £1

The Certainty of Failure – Released 29 July 2019 – £1

The Non Believer – To be Releases 1st November 2019 – N/A yet


Live at Bury Met (fishonastick) – Originally released in August 2007 – remastered and re-released August 2019 – £10

Idiots for a living EP (fishonastick) – Originally in September 2010 – remastered and re-released August 2019 – £5