Reviews for I’m Coming Through

I’m Coming Through

”Hey Sham, thank you for your submission. I really like the instrumental part in the beginning of the song and also the calm piano parts. This is definitely the strongest side of the track. To my humble opinion the song would shine more if you put the lead vocal forward a bit more. Wishing you all the best, Fudo“

Fido at Ultra-Vague – 29/04/21

“Thanks a lot for another cool submission! Great vibe again and a cool soundscape, but again the vocals don’t 100% hit me unfortunately, sorry! Good luck! :)“

Adamant Music – 28/04/21

“Hi! I liked the song overall, but the intro wasn’t for me. Thanks for sharing and best of luck!”

Lexi Brookes – 23/04/21

”Is that the snap, crackle and pop of a vinyl recording I thought to myself – thoughts that soon left me as the dark drift and melancholic wielding I’m Coming Through soon took on a life of its own. It is a haunted pallor that it brings with itself and with it a drift that brings us back to the last century and a period when music was a lot more immersive and a lot less disposable. I really liked that about this track if not necessarily gravitating towards its gothic dispatches.”

MP3 Hugger on I’M COMING THROUGH – 08/02/21

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