Reviews for The Unelectable Liar – Release delayed.

“For his latest single, Manchester’s singer-songwriter, Sam Chewali, served a roots-deep slice of Rock n Roll. Behind the nuancedly psychotropic Stone Roses and Charlatans reminiscences which give Chewali an undeniablely Manchester sound, you’ll hear his intricate bluesy guitar lead work and frenetic keys throwing back to the 50s.

The Unelectable Liar was penned as a rhythmic high-vibe protest track to point out the absurdity and injustice which came through the vilification of the best Prime Minister we never had. Singles such as The Unelectable Liar are the silver linings to living in a post-truth corrupt society”

Amelia Vandergast at AnR Factory on THE UNELECTABLE LIAR – 10/05/21

“Interesting topical song. I like it when artists drop their heart in the ring for causes they believe in, even though I would hardly recommend anyone trust a politician of any color. This is a very good song. Liked the melodies, but felt like it tries a bit too hard to include the story here and occasionally sounds forced. Happy to hear more in the future.”

Alt77 on THE UNELECTABLE LIAR – 08/05/21

“Really cool soundscape and vibe, but unfortauntely the vocals don’t 100% catch me though, sorry!”

Admant Music on THE UNELECTABLE LIAR – 08/05/21

“I liked Yer Not Wrong so no surprise I liked The Unelectable Liar as well. Your vocal delivery feels unique. Avant garde. Great guitar strumming/riffing. Great blend of tones. Percussive backbone is unique. Groovy. Lyrics are depthful yet deceivingly catchy. Love the chorus sing along bit. Its a tough one. I like the sound but find its not a perfect fit for any particular playlist. It balances so many flavors. Really cool. Just really hard to playlist. Still. Appreciate the artistry”.

Music on the Moon on THE UNELECTABLE LIAR – 07/05/21

“Must say I love seeing mention of the Happy Mondays and I can see where you were going with that given the baggy momentum to this piece. It is a little less contemporary though and could well have taken its influence from John Kongos He’s Gonna Step On You Again. No matter though for this is a bouncy piece of rhythm that will set most gatherings off on a summer footing. Fresh stuff despite all the reminders of past glories. Love to hear more”.

The MP3Hugger on THE UNELECTABLE LIAR – 04/05/21

“It’s a cool song – solid musicality – but it’s too anchored in the ground for us (we’re more into ethereal, dreamy indie) and somehow too old school sounding as well. Good luck in any case!”

HighClouds on THE UNELECTABLE LIAR – 03/05/21

”There is a real sense of personality and voice here, blending playfulness with cutting critique, but overall the lyrics weren’t quite for VSF on this occasion”

Various Small Flames THE UNELECTABLE LIAR- 03/05/21

“A lot of cool vintage rock and classic rock vibes with some 70s British influence to it. Pretty groovy and chill stuff but genre wise it just lacked a bit more here to grab us even more. We are really so sorry to politely pass here”

We Love That on THE UNELECTABLE LIAR – 03/05/21

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