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Yer Not Wrong
Yer Not Wrong

“ Hi! I appreciate the honesty and imagery in your lyrics. I look for songs with more of an upbeat or happy feel to them, so this song is a little too dark for my playlists, but I enjoyed listening! Thanks for sharing!”

Lexi Brookes on YER NOT WRONG – 08/02/21

“Strikes me as the kind of winter brew we need to ensure we are warm and in company to be fully able to absorb because there is a certain darkness here that is best handled away from a lonesome listening session. Must say I found it particularly stark, at least until the early moments of the 2nd minute where a considerable warmth took over proceedings. Even then though Sham’s outpourings took a lot of effort because it had that medieval maudlin approach that doesn’t come easily as something to embrace. Could be a case of an acquired taste mind you which has coloured my experience here.”

MP3 Hugger on YER NOT WRONG – 08/02/21

“ I definitely hear the Nick Cave inspiration on Yer not wrong. Much like his songwriting .. the lyrics are at the core of the listening experience. I even got Dire Straits Mark knopfler vibes from the mature vocal delivery and steady finger picking guitar styling! Yer not wrong is an intense track. It travels more than I was expecting. Bringing in the full kit, adding some sublet vocal harmonies and some string based atmosphere. The lyrics are so visually charged. A more than enjoyable listen! Truthfully I dont feel the vibe of Yer not wrong is a perfect fit for my playlists BUT it is a more than enjoyable listen! Big props for the bluesy guitar solo! Tight stuff”

Music on the Moon on YER NOT WRONG – 08/02/21

“Hi Sham, thanks for sending your music. I like the writing and your vibe, but this level of production/mix will struggle to compete in the commercial market, which is why I will politely decline at this stage. I would, however, like to hear more demos from you and find out more about your circumstances. Please email me at……”

The Animal Farm on YER NOT WRONG – 08/02/21

”Thanks for the song. Mellow…subdued…melancholy…I enjoyed the vocal harmonies and the expression of the acoustic lines. Iliked the progression coming in at 1:49. The starkness of the piano felt a bit too much for me in places, I’ll pass on this one but thank you for sharing your work with us.”

Independent Music Reviews on YER NOT WRONG – 14/12/20


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