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Lord of All
Lord of All out on 2/8/21

“Hi thanks for submitting. I really enjoyed the feel-good guitar intro here and the imaginative lyrics. Songwriting is definitely interesting. Vocals are attractive but unfortunately the chorus didn’t really hit me. Nice music however keep up the good work!”

DE MUSIC – 03/08/21

“I like the organic and dynamic feel in this atmospheric indie folk performance. Unfortunately I’m not sure if the melody and production stands out, but I wish you the best of luck. Take care.”

HQ Indie – 03/08/21

“Thanks for sharing, vocals are much more muted in this record than we feel comfortable in placing in our playlist for consistency sake. Love the arpeggiation in the guitar and the ambient prod elements.”

Pelican House – 02/08/21

“Thanks for sending Sham. To be honest I’m not a fan of the vocals. Too soft/dark sound. I prefer a more catchy/louder voice. It’s too simple, not what I’m looking for. Sorry, all the best!”

Jelly Van Der Linden of Indie Vibes – 02/08/21

“I still appreciate your song. The lyrics are original, creative with punchy phrases. The melody is quite tuneful. Unfortunately, I want something more interesting and catchy for my playlists right now”

U N Indie Folk Music – 02/08/21

“Thanks for the submission! This will fit nicely in our acoustic playlist!”

Big Sun Records – 30/07/21

“Hey Sham – digging the deep vocals. They have a Roger Waters feel. Great tempo throughout”

Emotional Feedback – 28/07/21

“I personally did not like the treatment/mixing of the vocals here. They were a bit buried in the instrumental I felt”

Arnaud of HighClouds – 28/07/21

“A very lovely tender warm folk offering with some great arrangements and tight production to it. Well made but it just did not venture into more of a place that felt unique sonically for this brand and genre”.

We all want someone to shout for 28/07/21

“The writing is great! I love your carefully thought-out songs that sound like short stories more than anything. I also like how you are taking on board traditional songwriting forms. Felt only that melodically this could be a bit more memorable. Once again, always glad to hear more in the future”.

Eduard Banulescu of Alt77 – 28/07/21

“The track weaves a sense of mood and atmosphere that outweighs its modest length, so although the style is a little too far into the popular side of the genre for us, we hope it wins the attention it deserves”

Various Small Flames – 27/07/21

Thanks for the submission! It’s a nice track Sham, I’m afraid the mix felt a little off to me, the vocals felt a little drowned out by the rest of the song. All the best with the release,

Big Sun Records – 26/07/21

(The mix has been adjusted to accentuate the vocals more – they were right)

“If you have the Spotify track link directly on your submission page (under Additional Sources) whenever it’s available, I’ll be adding this to one of our playlists ASAP”

From the Strait – 25/07/21

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