The Non-Believer

The New Single


Released on 1st November 2019

You donned your ceremonial robes today

You had a job on down the way

Some forgiveness here

Some deliverance there

Joy, peace and holiness filled the air

And I just came round to put my deposit down

On a place in the afterlife today

And to prepare to die’s not worth it all

Or we may as well all put our backs against the wall.

You are the non-believer and I have faith

I am the dreamer and my dreams remain

My dreams remain

You wear the clothes

They’ve got those holes

Your followers are many

Such tales you choose

You’ve got the moves and I

I don’t have any

And I hear so well those tales your tell

They all seem so very nice

I’m just feeling that you’ll break my back

As you all go marching on to paradise

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