The Unelectable Liar delayed until 15th June 2021

Due to something called life and another thing called usual bollocks the release date for THE UNELECTABLE LIAR has had to be belayed to 15th June. Sorry to all those who have saved the Spotify link. It’ll be with you soon and you’ll be able to see Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn as you’ve never seen them before. An amazing video has been provided by the wonderful animator Steve Bowden and that will also be released on 15th June on YouTube.

Meanwhile here is a nice review from undoubtedly very knowledgable Amelia Vandergast of AnR Factory.

“For his latest single, Manchester’s singer-songwriter, Sam Chewali, served a roots-deep slice of Rock n Roll. Behind the nuancedly psychotropic Stone Roses and Charlatans reminiscences which give Chewali an undeniablely Manchester sound, you’ll hear his intricate bluesy guitar lead work and frenetic keys throwing back to the 50s.

The Unelectable Liar was penned as a rhythmic high-vibe protest track to point out the absurdity and injustice which came through the vilification of the best Prime Minister we never had. Singles such as The Unelectable Liar are the silver linings to living in a post-truth corrupt society.

The Unelectable Liar is due for release on June 1st. You’ll be able to hear it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud and Bandcamp.”



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