Two gigs in one night quite easy really says Sham Chewali

Phil Collins Ford Fusion
What Phil Collins May Look Like in Sham’s Ford Fusion

We all marvelled at Phil Collins fortitude when he managed to play two sets in one day on different continents armed only with his talent and a big plane. Well now Phil Pops and Sham Chewali bid to take their place alongside the great drummer/cheeky cockney actor when they attempt a similar feat. For London read Stretford and for Philadelphia read Mossley.

Sham is surprisingly nonchalant about their county trotting musical endeavour.

“We first came up with the idea yesterday” he said the day after they’d come up with it. “There are two cracking acoustic nights every Monday called Acoustic Cafe and Acoustic Eclectic”. Once we’d worked out the timings and the distance and factored in my Ford Fusion 57 plate, it was just a matter of making a couple of phone calls to Terry and Wiz to book us in at both venues.

Obviously we’re taking inspiration from Phil Collins directly. It’s 2 venues, one night, one of us is called Phil so it’s all there really”.

What fans of Phil Collins and underwhelming publicity stunts generally will surely be impressed by is that the indie-folk duo will be appearing in full band mode two days later at another venue in Manchester. Now that’s an achievement which even the great chirpy sticksmith himself could surely never have equalled. We’ve not checked so who knows.

Catch them if you can. If you can keep up with their frantic pace. We recommend a sat-nav and some kind of automotive transport as the best way to do it.

Wiz Mossley from acoustic eclectic, Terry Snowden MBE from The Acoustic Cafe and anyone from the Manchester venue were unavailable for comment. Well they probably would have been if we’d have asked them. They’re all quite busy people.

Latest Breaking News. 

Helen, wife of lead singer Sham has cast some doubt on the whole Collinsesque project; “I might want to go to Aldi in the Ford Fusion that night. Sham has suggested an online Asda shop but sometimes their swap out policy disappoints me”.

Fans are advised to keep up to date with their emails and social media accounts in order keep abreast of what is obviously developing into something of a logistical hot musical potato.

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