We got what we wanted, why are we unhappy?

So here is:-

We demand the truth
We want consistency
A little bit of leadership
And humility

We want hope
Oh no not hope
And we want honesty
We’re so proud we shout it loud
But it’s just a country

We demand achievement
We believe in legacy
We preach love
As long as it’s with liberty

We’re expecting closure
While we’re keeping an open mind
We want you in our image
But we don’t want you to replicate and be unkind

We’re not confused
We’re just distracted
And if you choose
To take the piss well
This is no more than we expected

And why are you so proud of a rock?
Does this mean that you are in fact ashamed of the sky?
Does this mean that you are perhaps embarrassed by the sea?
Does this fresh air make you high?


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